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    超純水制備專用混床樹脂 UPWM-100

    超純水制備專用混床樹脂 UPWM-100

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      超純水制備專用混床樹脂 UPWM-100

      The ultrapure water dedicated mixed bed resins the The UPWM-100
      Technical requirements:
      Appearance: brown yellow transparent spherical particles
      The factory form: H + / OH-

      Physical and chemical properties:

      UPWM-100-type ultra-pure water special polishing mixed bed resin system adopts international advanced nuclear grade resin manufacturing process, the use of high purity reagents through many strict procedure is strictly a refining derived ultrapure mixed bed resin (polished resin). Suitable for terminal refined mixed bed in the pre-treatment equipment, RO, EDI ultrapure water system as the preparation of ultra-pure water. Widely used in the electronics industry production of semiconductor materials; laboratories, hospitals and other ultra-pure water; containing radioactive substances as well as nuclear power plants, water treatment systems and other fields. With high purity, long operation cycle, water quality and stability. > 16.5MΩ.cm when water quality, water quality up to more than 18MΩ.cm. Mixture of synthetic resin, H +-type and OH-type transition rate is very high. Long exposed to air will absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, thus affecting the performance and the use of the product. Once open the package as soon as possible, not required to be carefully sealed. In addition, the product is not subject to direct sunlight or exposure. The product does not need to be in the exchange columns with water, directly filled avoid secondary stratification.


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